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Let's see.....during my explorations of the world - I've been an actress in London, a tennis coach in Africa, studied Art in Italy, sailed on a Pirate Ship, run in the Olympic Stadium, felt the mist of Niagara Falls, reared baby Dingo's, danced at a Native Americans ceremony, cured by a Shaman in the Amazon, lived as an Australian Jillaroo, travelled with a circus, taught desert painting by Aborigines, sat on a canal boat full of cats in Amsterdam, blessed by a Buddhist Monk in Cambodia, sailed with New Zealand Maori's.....and the list goes on.....(out of breath)

What can I say, I like a life of adventure and variety... so this is why a made a blog to share them with you.

As a child....I wanted to be an explorer.... on the map there isn't too much 'colouring in' of the world but here's why - I'm what you call a bit of a 'slow traveller' with a passionate curiosity about the world and just needed to be a part of the adventures that were going on out there. 

I haven't been one of those backpackers or travellers to always just zip in and out of a country before even having a chance to know how to say 'hello' in the local language. For me, travel is a personal experience, not a competition where we all have different dreams and zeal for particular experiences and places. Its nice to not always have a whirlwind of experiences but allowing yourself to drink deep from each culture and soak it all up, ergo experiencing a lot more from your time on the roads of the world. I like to be selective with where I'm most drawn to explore ever since going on my first overseas school field trip to Paris in 1999.


My first trip to Africa, The Gambia 2004

I love helping people out in a positive way and with having a particular fondness with Africa, in 2007 I spent 5 months of my life living in Ghana voluntarily teaching tennis to a deprived community and founded a charitable non-profit in the UK Africa Tennis Aid which collected and shipped unused books, sports and tennis equipment to Ghana, Uganda and Sierra Leone. 

Return to Africa - Ghana 2007 

After ten years of distributing tennis aid to underprivileged youths in Africa, the campaign now tries to raise awareness for a war torn school in Sierra Leone's desire to have a tennis court built and often sends tennis equipment still to our friends in Africa...

Making a stop on a road trip across the big US of A

I'm one of those adventurous people who likes to get into the heart of the country, the people, the culture, the language - you name it I'm intrigued with the real world. 

Nursing orphaned Joeys on a Kangaroo Farm and with Aborigine Ladies at Uluru, Australia

Exploring The Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador

I like to explore my surroundings and grasp the essence of a culture to have a taste of what its all about so when the opportunity arose, I spent considerable amounts of periods in one country at a time - Working, Volunteering or Living. I felt there were too many interesting elements of experiencing different cultures and lifestyles to pass up in this era of cheap travel and plentiful opportunities...after all...why leave home to experience something just like home.?....the world is full of adventures!

Joining with prayer and chant with a Buddhist Monk friend in Cambodia

Kia-Ora! Meeting the Maori's of New Zealand

Despite keeping journals on my travels, I didn't start having a crack at online blogging until 2009 when I travelled to Ecuador to go and live in the Amazon Rainforest on a conservation programme and kept a blog Letters From The Amazon

I thought it would be cool to combine my interest in writing and creativity to share my worldly on-the-road explorations and life experiences in blogs and creative writings about my wacky wanderings.

My ambition is to leave footsteps on every continent of the world so getting there!