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The Show Must Go On - Being with an Australian Travelling Zoo [English Edition]

'Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! Welcome to tonight's show!' Have you ever wondered what its like to run away with the circus?.....ok maybe not quite run away...but to delve into the rollercoaster world of fantasia, wonderment or just plain carnage in working with a travelling animal zoo in the rugged and unpredictable world of 'fair dinkum' 'too easy' and 'mate' - the Land Down Under?

Available on E-Book and Paperback 

Australien es se sehen [German Edition]

Adaptation of 'The Show Must Go On - Being with an Australian Travelling Zoo' was first published and featured in this German collaboration edition of international travel writers unique stories.

'18 local, immigrants and travelers tell about their Down Under with its unique mixture of rough wilderness and multicultural metropolis. On the side of the authors, the reader senses, discovers, and understands Australia - the different viewing angles from which the versatile country is viewed make this book the instructive and entertaining treasure chest it is'

 - Roland Dusik, DuMont Travel Guides  

Lonely Planet Travel Guides: Cambodia. 10th Ed.2016

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